The 9800i is International's extra-heavy advanced-cabin truck tractor intended for medium- and long-distance road transportation of bulk products, such as grains and minerals, metals, wood, liquid loads in general, such as fuels, gases and chemical products, as well as low- and medium-density manufactured products such as machines, containers, food, drinks, personal-hygiene products, electrical and electronic goods, among others. Offered in 6x2 and 6x4 configurations, the 9800i can pull conventional semi-trailers with three axles, three spaced axles, two-train, up to a GCWR of 57 tons, and even 6-axle two-train, with a GCWR of up to 74 tons.

Equipped with an exclusive cab in aluminum with a flat floor and latest-generation mechanical aggregates, added to engineering solutions that focus on simplicity, the 9800i stands out with the lightest 6x4 tractor unit on the market, with a weight in motion of 8,720 kg.

The same simplicity that makes the 9800i a leader in terms of tare also makes it a durable truck that is easy to maintain. All its components are orchestrated to have a similar durability, from the cabin to the chassis, from the engine to the axles, making maintenance operations easier and reducing the time that the vehicle spends out of service.

The only Brazilian lorry in its class with North American technology, the 9800i succeeds in combining exclusively traditional names such as Cummins, Eaton and ArvinMeritor to offer what has to be the most modern and efficient way of transporting loads by road.

Powered by a totally electronic engine configurable at 416 bhp* and 2011 Nm* torque, allied to a transmission with 13 synchronized gears, the 9800 has enviable performance, maintaining an excellent average speed with a surprisingly low fuel consumption.

Also especially worthy of mention is the 6x4 road configuration with pneumatic suspension as standard, which offers exceptional traction, stability, extra load capacity and better protection for the structure of the vehicle and the load, thanks to the better absorption of shocks from uneven surfaces.

The 9800i, already acclaimed in various parts of the globe, has characteristics that make it the best choice for anyone who needs high technology in combination with simplicity, efficiency and low operating costs. * - Liquid values in accordance with ISO 1585

In short, the 9800i can be summed up in the following key words:

  • Latest-generation Powertrain from renowned suppliers.
  • Simplicity of Design
  • Efficiency
  • Low Operating Cost - the lowest fuel consumption in the class
  • Champion for weight in motion
  • Exclusivity (only one with North American technology, only aluminum cab with flat floor, only 6x4 with series air suspension, only one with electronic engine with large programming capacity, one of the best autonomies in the class, only Eaton FTS transmission synchronized in 13 gears)..


9800i specifications by model