Powerful Diagnostic Tools for Self-Maintainers

In order to interface with all areas of today's trucks, vehicle self-maintainers need the best tools at their disposal.

Diagnostics help self-maintainers ensure that their vehicles are operating at peak efficiency and performance.

Diagnostics include the following powerful software tools:


Analyze all electronically controlled MaxxForce® engines (International® and MaxxForce).

  • Displays operating data and active/inactive diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)
  • Performs "engine running" and "engine off" diagnostic tests
  • Captures engine snapshots
  • Displays essential data and saves multiple files
  • Performs comprehensive troubleshooting using injector disable tests and cylinder cutout tests

Diamond Logic® Builder (DLB) Fleet

Diagnose the electrical system and customize International® truck electronic parameters.

  • Displays vehicle signals in textual and graphical formats
  • Reads and displays vehicle diagnostic trouble codes in addition to vehicle parameters and features

IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster)

Diagnose the instrument panel on medium- and heavy-duty, post-1991 (pre-multiplex electrical systems), instrument panel clusters.

  • Easily make adjustments to your instrument panel to ensure that readings are precise after tire and axle changes have been made


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