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International® Truck Brings its Strong Ground Game to the Big Ten

As the Official Equipment Truck of the Big Ten Conference, the International® DuraStar® will be featured at several live Big Ten Network Tailgate events throughout the football season.

Every Team Needs a Workhorse

For the Big Ten Conference and it's member schools, that workhorse is the International® DuraStar®.

As the Official Equipment Truck of the Big Ten Conference, International® brings relentless reliability and toughness day in and day out. Proudly supporting the efforts to deliver the games and the game day experience to fans everywhere.

From Ann Arbor to Lincoln, Madison to Columbus and all across the conference region, if the Big Ten can count on International® Truck to deliver for their schools, you know your business can do the same.

Ready to Tackle Any Job

A great team needs the support of all of its players. For International® Truck and the Big Ten Conference, that team is made up of our regional dealers — part of the largest dealer network in North America — and our trusted OEM suppliers. All who work hard to help keep your International® DuraStar® running strong season after season.