DuraStar® Now Available with a 4-Year Powertrain Warranty


Performance and Reliability for Your Business

With an unprecedented 4-year unlimited miles, unlimited hours powertrain warranty, DuraStar® is the only truck in its class that can deliver the performance and reliability you demand for the success of your business.

A Warranty Beyond Compare

When it comes to the numbers, it’s clear. No other medium-duty truck manufacturer can match the 4-year unlimited powertrain warranty on select International® DuraStar® trucks.    

Proven Partners

To match the robust commercial-grade build of an International® DuraStar®, it takes partners who are equally up to the task.

 Cummins® B6.7 Engine

Cummins B Series engines commands the highest market penetration of any engine it its class.  The newest-generation B Series engine from Cummins  offers up to 7 percent better fuel economy over the EPA 2013 ISB6.7.  It’s fully integrated Single Module™ aftertreatment system incorporates a flow-through design and optimized heat management.   


Eaton® Procision™ Transmission

Stop-and-go routes are made more efficient by the Eaton® Procision™ dual-clutch technology which delivers an 8-10% fuel economy improvement. Adjustable Urge to Move and Creep Mode provide advanced maneuverability at low speeds, allowing a safe and easy ride for any driver.

 DanaSpicer® Axles and Driveshafts

The DuraStar® is an industry trailblazer, as the first truck to offer high capacity gearing with Dana Spicer E Series Steer and S140 or 060 Drive axle bundle, which are compatible with air disc brakes. The Dana Spicer axles are strong yet lightweight, up to 100 lbs. lighter, and the Dana Spicer Driveshafts are designed to tighter balance specifications than the competition, maximizing the smoothness of your ride.

*Extended engine coverage is equivalent to Protection Plan 2. For details, please visit your authorized Cummins dealer or go to: http://international.cummins.com.

What is included in the first three (3) years of warranty of the Cummins® B6.7 engine:
  • 100% parts and labor on warrantable failures*
  • Consumables not reusable due to covered failure
  • Includes aftertreatment
  • Additionally Cummins® provides Travel or towing when an engine is disabled by a warrantable failure from date of delivery through the first three (3) years**
  • There’s no deductible

*Warrantable failures are those due to defects in Cummins material or factory workmanship.
**For three (3) year warranty information please see https://cumminsengines.com/extends-base-warranty-b67