American Loggers Program

Up to $4,000 Rebate + Carhartt Jacket
Offer Summary

International Truck, a Silver sponsor of the American Loggers Council, is pleased to announce our American Loggers Purchase Program for 2021. Eligible customers who order International® trucks during the program period receive the following benefits:

* CV™ Model: up to $1,000 Rebate

* MV™ and HV MRD Models: up to $2000 Rebate

* HV HDD Models: up to $3000 Rebate

* HX™ Models: up to $4000 Rebate

* Every member that purchases an HX model will also receive a special Carhartt Jacket


Eligible Models

International® CV™, MV™, HV™, and HX™ models.



Coalition of state and regional logging associations made up of approximately 30 states across the U.S.


You Should Know

All program units are subject to any additional surcharges, tariffs, or government mandated price changes. Program incentives may not be combined with any other national incentive or rebate programs offered through Navistar, Inc.



Customer must be a member of American Logger’s Council


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