1-Year Engine and Aftertreatment Warranty on any International® LT® or RH™ pre-owned truck sold anywhere in 2021* 
Offer Summary

International® is pleased to offer a 1-year factory-backed engine and aftertreatment warranty included with any qualifying International LT or RH pre-owned truck sold retail anywhere in 2021.*  Offer is extended to 3/31/22.


Eligible Models

Qualifying Model Year 2018 and newer International® LT® and RH Series pre-owned trucks powered by International® A26 and Cummins® X15 with 550,000 miles or less at time of sale and 475 HP or less. No junk/salvage titles. Additional exclusions apply.



Practicing International Truck Dealers


You Should Know

Navistar, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time. All sold units ordered prior to program cancellation or modification will be honored under the original program provisions. Units ordered under this program cannot be canceled or substituted with another order. Units currently on order cannot be canceled and reordered under this program. Incentives cannot be combined with any other program or promotion unless specifically offered by that program.



Effective as of March 1st, 2022. Qualifying units must have 550,000 miles or less at time of retail sale. 475 HP or less. PM/DOT must be completed within last 12 months. Clean health report must be In the system 15 days prior to sale date. Clean title (no junk/salvage). Retail sale in the U.S. and Canada to end user in U.S. and Canada. Delivered to user by 12/31/22. Warranty registration must be submitted within 15 days of original purchase.


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