A full suite of hardware and software solutions designed to maximize fleet productivity.

The right information, delivered in the right way, is vital to your success. With our Diagnostic Solutions, you can quickly gather clear, accurate details about the critical components of your vehicles, all so you can make better, more informed decisions about the status and maintenance of your fleet.

ServiceMaxx™ Engine Diagnostics

Available for Navistar-manufactured engines, the ServiceMaxx™ software solution offers dynamic diagnostic capabilities. Take advantage of active and inactive diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and operating data; perform “engine off” and “engine running” diagnostic tests; record snapshots of your engine; explore vital information; and save multiple files.

Diamond Logic® Builder

Providing you high performance diagnostics needed for the electrical systems on high performance trucks, Diamond Logic® Builder software displays vehicle signals in graphical and text format, reads and displays vehicle diagnostic trouble codes and relays information about vehicle features and parameters.


Quickly and easily gather critical truck systems operating data with the handheld PocketMaxx™ device. Advanced capabilities, touch-screen technology, and clear menus and message screens enable you to monitor engine, brake, and transmission functions. Track additional details about your truck when you store and access vital facts and figures, review fault codes, and much more. Available for Navistar-manufactured engines.

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