OnCommand™ Fleet Charge®
A simple, single program to manage operations and expenses.

From single truck operations to expansive fleets, there's a Fleet Charge® program that's right for you.

What can you do with guaranteed consistent pricing, consolidated billing and instant credit at International® Truck dealers? Having control over your spending - whether the purchase is routine or unexpected - gives you peace of mind, helps you manage expectations and enables you to grow your business.

With the OnCommand™ Fleet Charge purchasing program, fleet managers and owner/operators can feel confident when selecting and purchasing parts and services to maintain their vehicles.

Fleet Charge®: Ideal for 1–10 vehicles

Fleet Charge® Advantage: Ideal for 1–50 vehicles

Fleet Charge® Select: Ideal for 50 or more vehicles

All programs include:
    • No enrollment fees
    • Guaranteed, consistent billing
    • Consolidated biweekly billing statements
    • Service and labor covered for more than 700,000 trucks and buses
    • Applies to all makes of trucks and buses
    • Accepted at more than 600 International® Truck and IC Bus Dealers
Online management tools:
    • Access your account anytime
    •  Review real-time account summaries
    •  View unpaid and unbilled invoices
    • View current and historical information
    • Stay current with daily invoice updates
    • Review, approve and dispute invoices
    • Pay electronically or by check
    • View authorized transactions instantly
    • Customize reports

For more information, or to apply:

Online: fleetcharge.com

Phone: (888) 678-0550

In Person: Find A Dealer

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