Putting Drivers First

Getting the best out of our trucks begins with getting the best out of every operator. By putting our focus on the wants of drivers, only then can we deliver on the needs for your business.

We Put You First


No time is more valuable than uptime. Building trucks that are designed, tested and proven to perform day-in and day-out, means spending less time in the shop and more time on the job.

We Commit To Innovation


In an industry that is all about movement, there's no room for slowing down. Through the integration of innovations and technologies, we're continually striving to improve the safety, efficiency and operability of all of our trucks.

Building Strong Relationships
We're a company of handshakes and promises kept. Who know that our trucks are only as good as the thousands of people who work to make International®–and your business–a success.
WhatWeStandFor Relationships
WhatWeStandFor Heritage
Remembering Where We Came From
From farm fields to battlefields, work-sites to western expansion, our roots have been interwoven with some of the most defining moments in world history. It's a nearly 190-year legacy of innovation that has helped to define who we are and all that we are capable of moving forward.

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