Get the know-how to keep your trucks operating at peak performance.

Designed for Fleet Managers and Service Technicians, OnCommand™ Education is a series of training programs that teach how to properly operate, maintain and work with the OnCommand™ suite of programs for optimum uptime and reduced maintenance costs.


Program advantages:
  • Unlimited number of students can be enrolled
  • Student progress is tracked for all courses taken and completed
  • Customer-designated administrators can access education records for all their students
  • Managerial reports track students’ progress
  • Certificates can be printed upon completion of courses
  • Classes are available instantly online or at one of nine training centers in North America
The OnCommand™ Advantage
View VIN-Based Service Information

Improve the ease, speed and accuracy of vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Locate and Order Parts Quickly

Instant access to the parts list for all International® Trucks in your fleet.

Quality Service, Consistency, Value and Convenience
Trust your International® Truck dealer to keep your fleet running at its best.


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A simple, single program to manage operations and expenses.

From single truck operations to expansive fleets, there's a Fleet Charge® program that's right for you.
What can you do with guaranteed part pricing, consolidated billing and instant credit for parts and service purchases at International® Truck dealers? Having control over your spending - whether the purchase is routine or unexpected - gives you peace of mind, helps you manage expectations and enables you to grow your business.

With the OnCommand™ Fleet Charge purchasing program, fleet managers and owner/operators can feel confident when purchasing all-makes and proprietary parts to maintain their entire fleet.

Fleet Charge®: Ideal for 100+ vehicles


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Fleet Charge® Advantage: Ideal for 1–49 vehicles


FleetCharge Card 1


Fleet Charge® Select: Ideal for 50-499 or more vehicles


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All programs include:
  • No enrollment fees
  • Guaranteed, consistent billing
  • Consolidated biweekly billing statements
  • Applies to all makes of trucks and buses
  • Accepted at more than 600 International® Truck and IC Bus Dealers
Online management tools:
  • Access your account anytime
  • Review real-time account summaries
  • View unpaid and unbilled invoices
  • View current and historical information
  • Stay current with daily invoice updates
  • Review, approve and dispute invoices
  • View authorized transactions instantly
  • Customize reports


For more information, or to apply:

Online: fleetcharge.com

Phone: (888) 989-0279

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Quickly locate items and place orders with customized parts lists.

The road is unforgiving. While your International® Truck can handle almost anything, wear and tear happens. And sooner or later parts need to be replaced. So to maximize uptime, you need service technicians who can quickly and easily locate the right parts, the ones specifically meant for your vehicle.
OnCommand™ Parts Information is a customized portal that provides service technicians with instant access to your trucks parts lists, giving them the exact information they need to repair your vehicle. Eliminating the risk of mistakes and delays, all so your truck can quickly get back up, out and earning on the road.
How OnCommand™ Parts Information helps Fleet Managers and Technicians:
  • Complete vehicle line-set ticket information as it was originally ordered
  • Figure, keyword, part number and visual search tools
  • Access to all makes parts programs
  • Cross-reference searches for vendor and OEM part numbers
  • Create custom parts lists
  • View actual customer pricing
  • Check parts availability at the International parts distribution centers
  • Documents and notes can be uploaded and attached to a specific VIN
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Make your obsolete and overstock parts work for you.

If you have excess parts inventory that's taking up space, decreasing productivity and tying up assets, we can help. With the OnCommand™ Parts Return Program, we created an industry-unique initiative that allows the return of excess and obsolete parts, regardless of their make, for credit toward future orders. Giving you the potential to earn full reimbursement, at fleet cost, through additional parts purchased throughout our International® Truck dealer network. Please contact your parts PSM/NAM to learn more or get started. Feel free to email PartsReturnPrograms@Navistar.com with any questions, however your PSM/NAM will need to be involved to discuss or begin the program.


Fleet Managers and Technicians can use the OnCommand™ Parts Return Program to:
  • Turn obsolete and surplus parts into real working capital.
  • Enjoy flexible purchase options.
  • Receive up to 100% of your returned parts in purchasing credits.
  • Get instant credit recognition when you choose any program in the Fleet Charge® offerings.
  • Access more than 700,000 part numbers available throughout the International Trucks® dealer network.
  • Utilize monthly reports to chart growth and earn-back percentages.


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Need a FleetCharge account? Here's how:

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Stay on top of your truck's repairs while getting on with your day.
Few things are worse than not knowing how long it will take to get your truck out of the shop and back earning on the road. With the OnCommand™ Uptime Advocate program, every truck repair is assigned a case file that is posted to your online portal, offering at-a-glance information about the progress and details of each repair taking place on all your enrolled trucks across the International® service network. Which means you get greater access to monitor repairs, and to communicate with the repair facilities and the Uptime Advocate team – all so you can more effectively manage your fleet operations.


Your Uptime Advocate Team will:
  • Verify when the unit arrives at the authorized service location
  • Review repair history and identify any open campaigns, recalls or calibration updates with the service location
  • Attach a comprehensive Health Report about your vehicle to the online case file
  • Monitor the case file and work with the service location to help coordinate repair support
  • Coordinate Navistar parts, technical and field support, as needed
  • Help facilitate timely communications and repair progress updates via the case file 


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improve the ease, speed and accuracy of vehicle repair and maintenance.

When you need parts or service information, every moment counts. OnCommand™ Service Information gives technicians access to the most up-to-date, VIN-based service and parts information. This invaluable centralized source of essential service data improves vehicle repairs and maintenance, repair shop efficiency and technical knowledge. All to ensure greater vehicle uptime for your business.
How fleet managers and technicians make the most of OnCommand™ Service Information:
  • With subscription, technicians gain real-time, up-to-date VIN-based service and parts information for any International® Truck
  • Technical information is easily located by major component group, model, vendor, engine and feature code
  • Service manuals and bulletins are illustrated and include repair, overhaul, troubleshooting tips and diagnostic information
  • Documents and notes can easily be uploaded and attached per VIN
  • The Service Tool catalog includes all essential tools for servicing International® Trucks engines
  • The iKnow technical database allows service article searches by entering symptom terms and/or descriptions


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A faster way to get your truck out of the shop and back on the road.

There are two things you worry about when your trucks are in the shop: 1) How long are they going to be out of commission? and 2) What's it going to cost me? OnCommand™ Service Partner, our dealer-provided maintenance repair program, brings reassurance to service repair by guaranteeing expedited diagnostic service, providing accurate, detailed repair estimates and supplying fair, consistent labor times.


Why OnCommand™ Service Partner, fleet managers and technicians enjoy:
  • A basic initial diagnostic advisory performed in hours versus days
  • Consistent, accurate and detailed estimates as well as inspections and authorizations
  • Guaranteed fixed, fair and consistent labor times on the most common repairs/maintenance operations
  • 12-month warranty on all parts and labor
  • Online portal for instant access to estimates, repair status updates, communication tools and labor-time directories


Need a FleetCharge account? Here's how:

Phone: (877) 861-4157

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