For over a century, International® Truck engineers have connected drivers with the tools they rely on for safe passage. From the long haul driver that traverses the country’s highways, to the local delivery across the city: we design our trucks with your safety in mind.

Radar-based collision mitigation sensors show the potential to reduce rear-end collisions by 70%.


Between 2004 and 2008, 28% of total unique car crashes involving large trucks could have been potentially prevented or mitigated by safety features.


From 2009 to 2013, 80% of the single occupant fatalities were in trucks that exceed 26,000 pounds.


From windows to wheels, International® Truck offers the features to keep the driver alert and the road safe.

Side Visibility

Doors on the International® LT® Series, RH™ Series, LoneStar®, HX® Series, HV™ Series and MV™ Series trucks offer a large, one-piece side window with a lowered belt line, allowing the driver to see up to 20-inches closer to the side of the truck versus other window designs.

Rain Deflector

Doors on the International® LT® Series, RH™ Series, LoneStar®, HV™ Series, and MV™ Series trucks include rain deflectors to ensure optimal visibility through the side windows in rainy conditions.


Air Disc Brakes

Air disc brakes reduce stopping distance versus drum brakes, and nearly eliminate brake fade. In addition, all trucks include an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) as standard equipment.


Convenient to operate and trusted to perform, International® Truck offers the tools at the wheel for safe operation.

Rolltek Seats

When the RollTek seat detects an impending rollover, it lowers, tightens the seat belt, and a side airbag deploys to protect the upper torso, neck and head from impact. RollTek seats are optional on the LT® Series and RH™ Series trucks.


Air Horn Lanyard

Based on driver feedback, all International® Truck models include an air horn lanyard for convenient activation when the steering wheel is turned.

Premium Cluster

The premium cluster places driver-critical data in a single, easy-to-read location, allowing the driver to quickly view the information and return their eyes to the road. Pop-up notifications alert the driver to conditions requiring immediate attention.

Collision Mitigation

Innovative features designed with DriverFirst™ for the well-being of truck operators on the job and others on the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Bendix™ Wingman® Fusion™ is standard on LT® Series, RH™ Series, and LoneStar® trucks. Bendix™ Wingman® Advanced™ and Wabco OnGuardACTIVE™ are also available as well. The system uses forward-facing radar and a camera, to monitor for objects ahead, reduce throttle, and engage the brakes if necessary.

Blind Spot Detection

Bendix™ Blind Spot Detection uses side-facing radar to monitor nearby surroundings and direction-sensitive visual and audible alerts to notify the driver of vehicles in their blind spot. Blind Spot Detection is an available option on LT® Series and RH™ Series trucks.

Lane Departure Warning

Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ utilizes a camera to detect paint stripes on the road. The system activates an audible warning when it detects drifting across lane markers without an active turn signal, alerting the driver to take corrective action.


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