The Complete Solution for Zero-Emission Long Haul Transportation

In collaboration with General Motors and OneH2, International Truck is introducing a complete solution for customer implementation of a zero-emission long-haul system, which will be initially piloted by J.B. Hunt.

Hydrogen fuel cells offer great promise for heavy duty trucks in applications requiring a higher density of energy, fast refueling and additional range. The partnership combines International Truck with the proven hydrogen powertrain technology of General Motors and the mobile, scalable hydrogen production and fueling capabilities of OneH2.

The partnership leverages the International Truck battery electric vehicle platforms and provide customers a single source fully integrated zero-emissions solution that includes vehicle, fueling and service. 

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Image 1
GM Hydrotec Infographic
Several benefits to hydrogen technology, especially with certain applications:

  • Long haul routes of 300+ miles
  • Routes where the maximum payload is important
  • Rapid refueling is necessary to maintain uptime
  • Zero tailpipe emissions are important
  • Areas where hydrogen use have been incentivized

What is a fuel cell? A fuel cell converts the chemical energy from hydrogen into electricity. Hydrogen fuel cells’ only by-product from producing electricity are water and heat. Fuel cells operate at higher efficiencies (>60%) and are cleaner than combustion engines. Hydrogen fuel cells only emit water, eliminating carbon dioxide and other emissions that create smog and cause health problems at the point of operation. 


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