The International Truck eMVTM Series is charged up and ready to hit the road. Equipped with the range, power and versatility businesses of all sizes are looking for, the eMV Series is attracting unprecedented interest wherever it goes.

On the floor at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo and throughout the country this year, we are demonstrating how the eMV Series can be incorporated into fleets thanks to a user-friendly design that’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use in virtually any setting or climate.

Things are changing fast and International Truck is committed to walking you through the process and making sure you have everything you need to make a successful transition to electric.

emv Series

Think box vans are the only applications available with our electric medium-duty truck? Think again. Several TEMs have already built on the eMV Series chassis – including a stake flat with dump and bucket truck. These applications show how the eMV Series frame is just as TEM-friendly as ever and just like the diesel MV, is ready for all types of applications.


Our eMobility Experience Trailer includes interactive learning zones featuring augmented reality, 3D-printed models, videos, and hands-on demonstrations. Representatives within the trailer clearly and thoroughly explain the five C’s: Consulting, Charging, Constructing, Connecting and Conserving and how they’re crucial in making a successful transition to electric.


Our eMobility team also brought an innovative charging solution concept, called the Mobile Power Charging Skid, to ACT EXPO this year. This self-contained charging unit is powered by a refillable propane tank and can be placed in areas where an electric vehicle may need to be charged but no existing charging infrastructure is available.  It could be placed at a remote worksite, for example so the eMV Series can be charged up and ready to go.


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