The need for qualified truck drivers has never been greater and keeping the ones you have is becoming harder and harder. Recruiting, vetting and training new drivers is an expensive and time-consuming process. That’s why many companies have focused their efforts on retaining their seasoned drivers, drivers that are already familiar with the company policies and culture. There’s no silver bullet when it comes to persuading drivers to stay, instead, it’s often a combination of things that, when added up, represents a situation that’s hard to beat. Let’s look at some strategies you can put into effect to help retain your drivers.

Keep your drivers safe

Making sure your drivers feel confident in their equipment can make a huge difference.

International includes: 

  • Excellent driver sightlines for superb visibility
  • Air Disc Brakes for powerful stopping performance
  • Rolltek seats for supreme comfort mile after mile
  • Air Horn Lanyard for easy access in any situation
  • Premium Instrument Cluster to clearly see the information that matters most
  • Diamond Logic® safety interlocks to help protect both crew and equipment
  • V2_Driver_Retention_Landing_Page_service

    Access to convenient service

    Provide easy access to service locations so drivers can get back on the road quickly. International’s partnership with Love’s means more service bays than any other brand in North America.
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    Use Connected Technology

    Empower your drivers with the latest connected vehicle technology. 

  • International 360 lets your drivers stay up-to-date on the status of their truck so they know exactly when they can get back on the road 
  • OnCommand Connection lets drivers view vehicle fault code reporting and severity ratings, comprehensive vehicle health reports, dealer on-hand inventory of needed parts and GPS mapping with nearby service centers, hotels, and more
  • V2_Driver_Retention_Landing_Page_training

    Access to training

    Trucks evolve and so must the drivers. By offering ongoing training, you can help keep your drivers engaged and on top of the latest truck technology.


    Benefits come in all shapes and sizes and may include things like bonuses, paid time off and health insurance. Benefits like these can carry a lot of weight for those drivers who may be considering a move to a different company. And while some of these may sound expensive, they might not be as cost prohibitive as you think - especially when compared to the cost of recruiting and on-boarding a new driver.

    Reward drivers

    Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done. So it’s important to make sure your drivers know how much they’re appreciated. How you do that is up to you, but it can make a much bigger difference than many people realize.


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