Better Power Where It Counts.

International Trucks Cummins L9 Engine

A great track record of established performance continues to improve with the Cummins L9. With the highest power density of any engine in its class, the L9 delivers the right amount of might to even the heaviest medium-duty applications.

Proven Performance

The L9 shares common technology with the Heavy-Duty ISX15 and ISX12 to deliver exceptional performance. Common components include the XPI fuel system, a high-capacity electronic control module (ECM) and the patented Cummins VGT™ Turbocharger from Cummins Turbo Technologies. Ratings range from 260-380 hp (194-283 kW), with 550 lb.-ft. of clutch engagement torque. Optional features include engine braking for better control, rear-engine power take off (REPTO) and front-engine power take off (FEPTO).

Exceptional Value

The refined L9 delivers up to 2 percent better fuel economy than the previous model with the inclusion of an air intake throttle and a modified VGT™ Turbocharger for greater EGR and overall efficiency. Even better is the fact that maintenance intervals and related costs remain virtually unchanged. Combined, all of these features give L9 owners a lower total cost of operation.

Greater Dependability

Heavy-duty roller followers, bypass oil filtration and targeted piston cooling all contribute to longer service life – even in the toughest work environments. Plus other considerations, such as replaceable wet liners, make the L9 easier to maintain and rebuild. All of which adds up to longer engine life and a higher resale value.

Cummins L9 Specifications

  • Advertised Horsepower
    260-380 hp
  • Peak Torque
    720-1250 lb.-ft.
  • Governed Speed
    2100/2200 rpm
  • Clutch Engagement Torque
    575 lb.-ft.
  • Number of Cylinders
  • System Weight
    1,912 lb.
  • Engine (Dry)
    1,695 lb.
  • Aftertreatment System*
    217 lb.

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