Cummins X15 | International® Trucks

Proven Muscle for the long haul.

Legendary Cummins reliability is available in new X15 Performance Series and X15 Efficiency Series configurations. The X15 Efficiency Series produces up to 500 HP with advanced fuel- saving technology that includes dynamic electronic controls with ADEPT features, enhanced engine breathing and an optimized combustion process that leverages Cummins’ proprietary VGT™ Turbo and XPI fuel system. The X15 Performance Series generates up to 565 HP by upgrading virtually every critical component for enhanced air handling, faster throttle response and even stronger braking power at lower RPM.

VGT Turbo

Industry-leading proprietary design is four to six times stronger than previous designs for improved durability. The new design also includes a new impeller for rapid boost and improved braking.

Excellent Power

The Cummins ISX15 combines the brute power needed to haul loads up steep inclines with fuel economy that your bottom line will appreciate. With a broad range of horsepower ratings up to 600hp and 2,050 lb.-ft. of torque, the ISX15 has the power to get any job done right. The variable geometry turbocharger enhances response and control with electric actuation for infinite adjustment, providing exact boost at any rpm.

Single High-Capacity ECM

Efficient, single ECM management of the engine and after-treatment system for exceptional performance and fuel efficiency.

Cummins After-treatment System

A new flow-through design provides better heat management for improved efficiency and increased ash capacity for fewer cleanings. This integrated system is up to 40% lighter and 60% smaller than some two-part systems.

Cummins X15 Specifications

  • Engine Type
    Diesel, 4-Cycle
  • Configuration
    Inline 6-Cylinder
  • Displacement
    14.9 L (912 cu. in.)
  • Bore and Stroke
    5.39 in. & 6.65 in. (137mm & 169mm)
  • Combustion Ratio
  • Aspiration
    Variable Geometry Turbocharger
  • Combustion System
    Direct Injection XPI Fuel System
  • Lubricating System Capacity
    56 quarts (53 L)
  • Dry Weight
    2,691 lbs.

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