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Navistar Capital has a number of structuring solutions to help you get into the truck you need. Talk to a sale representative, at your local dealership, to see how one of the below structures could help meet your budget constraints.


Skip Payments

In some situations, an application can be made for skip payments. This is a service used most frequently by customers in the seasonal business that request up to three months off to coincide with their revenue stream.


Balloon Payments

Balloon Payments can be a useful tool for preserving cash flow and reducing monthly payments. Customers who opt for this strategy may have a vehicle replacement philosophy that focuses on utilizing newer vehicles. Looking for a way to lower your monthly loan payments? Ask your finance expert how balloon payments could help.


Seasonal Payments

Does your business have a seasonal component? Well qualified customers can request up to three months off to coincide with their revenue stream. Typically, a minimum of three payments are required before a skip payment period can begin and interest will still accrue during months when a payment is not required.


TRAC Lease

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clauses are designed to estimate the residual value upfront. The difference between equipment cost and the agreed-upon residual value is what the monthly payment is based on*.

*Full terms and conditions of TRAC lease product, including terms and conditions regarding end of term responsibilities, to be contained in definitive documentation for such product.


Learn more by contacting your local International dealership.


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Estimate your approximate monthly payment or determine your purchasing power with our financing calculator**.


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**Navistar Capital cannot guarantee any cost estimates that are returned via the online payment calculator.

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