Whether it’s keeping roads free of snow and ice, or transporting essential supplies and materials, cities need hardworking dump trucks, hydro-excavators, garbage trucks, snow plows, stake flats and more that that can run long hours in a variety of harsh conditions.


Government and Municipalities have enough challenges to face—from tight budgets to unpredictable weather, the reliability of their equipment should be the last thing they need to worry about. With over 100 years of experience, International® knows a thing or two about getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Medium and severe-duty International® Trucks are engineered for maximum uptime while providing your crews with the latest advanced safety features and a comfortable working environment—no matter what the weather has in store. Commercial grade brakes, optimal visibility and outstanding maneuverability can help your dump truck, refuse truck, snow plow, and  tar spreader drivers stay on the road until the job is done. 

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Key Industry Challenges

For Government and Municipal professionals, truck reliability is a critical concern. Budgets are tight and no city can afford to have even a single garbage truck, snow plow, street sweeper or dump truck out of commission for very long. After all, every truck has a job to do and taxpaying citizens who demand that the job gets done.
  • Diamond Logic Electrical System
  • Driver Visibility
  • Electronic Stability Control

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