Electric.  Built Just Right.

Introducing the revolutionary International® Electric MV™ series, specifically designed to be just what you need for your fleet – because we thought about more than the vehicle itself. We thought about the entire ecosystem.

Your Partner for a seamless transition

International in conjunction with Navistar Zero Emissions team is a complete eMobility solutions provider, bringing knowledge and years of experience with technology and infrastructure to deliver customers the “just right” electric solution. It is designed to help commercial truck and bus customers implement electric vehicles via its unique consultative approach that goes beyond the vehicle, covering the entire eMobility lifecycle.
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Navistar Zero Emissions team looks at everything from creating route simulations, finding funding programs through grant assistance and tax incentives while also providing EV requirement and efficiencies data.
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Navistar Zero Emissions team will work with you to understand your charging needs and develop a plan to ensure success. Navistar Zero Emissions team and charging partner In-Charge will conduct a site assessment, work with the local utility and recommend a charging strategy based on your site, routes, charging and utility company lead time.

Interested in getting the process started? Click the link below to take a brief survey and a Navistar Zero Emissions team/InCharge representative will contact you to begin the process of developing your individualized charging strategy.

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Working with Navistar Zero Emissions team ensures that your vehicles are constructed by Navistar in world class production facilities.
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With the help of OnCommand® Connection and its powerful tools and resources, you can maximize uptime and operational efficiency for your electric vehicles. OnCommand® Connection provides the following for your electric fleet:

  • Customizable vehicle health reports sent daily or weekly by email and/or online portal.
  • Key metrics such as current state of charge, plug-in status, range, tire pressure and more.
  • An open architecture solution that delivers remote diagnostics for your entire fleet, regardless of make or model*, integrating data from over 30 telematics service providers.

Start tracking your electric truck fleet with OnCommand® Connection. For more information, contact your IT dealer or email OCCoperations@Navistar.com.

* For most commercial vehicles powered by diesel engines, 2007 MY and later.

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Navistar Zero Emissions team can provide environmentally friendly options at the batteries end of life in the vehicle.  Batteries are useful beyond the vehicle. End of life battery solutions include:
  • Recycling materials for use in new batteries or other applications
  • Repurposing batteries in stationary power back-up solutions
  • Remanufacturing/refurbishing batteries for use in other vehicle applications
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More uptime.  More capability.  More safety and styling.  Done just right.

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International® eMV applications
The new eMV™ Series suits any straight rail application* and with a vehicle performance of 335 hp and battery capacity of 135 miles the new eMV is ready to help you get the job done, no matter what job comes your way.  And its new thoughtful design with improved visibility through sloped hood and breakaway mirrors provides additional safety for your crew.

*No PTO application, ePTO under development
what makes the EMV™ Series unique?

Built on the same proven foundation we use in our diesel MV, we made some key placement changes including the batteries and battery controller; the motor controller and motor; the radiator and Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS); as well as the air tanks and air bag suspension .

Key features of the new eMV include: 

  • 210kWh battery pack
  • 135 mile range
  • Electric drive motor
  • Industry leading 3 levels of regen braking
  • AC/DC charging and capability with up to 125kWh DC fast charge
  • VTG capability and a new full digital display


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Maintenance Schedule

It’s no secret electric vehicles require less maintenance. With substantially fewer parts, an electric motor simply does not have the maintenance or service requirements of an internal combustion engine. Plus, thanks to regenerative braking, the standard brakes last much longer between service intervals.


  • No engine oil maintenance
  • No transmission maintenance
  • No fuel filters
  • No turbos, no EGR, no Injectors
  • No engine air filters, no MAF, no O2
  • No aftertreatment


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Vehicle configuration

Dry Van, Service Body

a.f. (Dry Van)

272” / 112” (26’ box)
254” / 106” (24’ box)
236” / 100” (22’ box)
217” / 100” (20’ box)

Service body



25,999 and 33,000 lbs.

flat panel i/p

maintenance schedule

Coolant flush - 5 year
Filter changes on Air compressor - 1 year
Standard Brake System maintenance schedules

vehicle coverage

Chassis Warranty:  2 Years, Unlimited Miles
Drive Battery:  5 Years, 100,000 Miles
Drive Motor:  5 Years, 100,000 Miles
Drive Charger & Cables:  5 Years, 100,000 Miles
Steering Pump/Air Compressor:  1 Year, Unlimited Miles

*Warranty is not pro-rated
*Contact International for optional extended warranty coverage

Built Just Right


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