The eMV™ Series is here and ready to get to work. Recently, Director of Medium Duty Segment Marketing, Bruce Vasbinder took the time to walk us through what makes this truck so unique – and yet so familiar at the same time. The eMV may be electric but it includes many of the MV features already know and love. This makes the eMV the perfect platform for a dry van, stake flat, utility, service body or whatever your needs require.


blue eMV truck with moving boxes
Making a truck efficient, is more than just making it electric. Just like diesel, you want to get as many miles as possible out of your energy source. That’s why the eMV is equipped with energy-saving features like LED headlights and low rolling resistance tires. The six battery 210 kilowatt hour system is at the heart of the truck and just like humans, they like to be in the 70-to-75-degree Fahrenheit range – especially when charging. To maintain this temperature, the eMV includes a sophisticated Battery Thermal Management System to keep battery temperatures at optimal levels – which is crucial when optimizing the rate of charge and extending battery life. The eMV is equipped with a 12V battery system to power a lift gate or scissor activated contractor dump.


eMV maintenance step
The benefits of an electric-powered eMV don’t end with the lack of a diesel bill – maintenance can be significantly lower as well. In fact, it’s estimated that the scheduled maintenance costs for the eMV may be up to 50 to 60% less than the diesel MV. A big part of that equation includes extending the life of the batteries by keeping them properly conditioned. Plus, the three levels of regenerative breaking means the standard brake components last much longer between service intervals.


Inside of the eMV cab
Anyone familiar with the diesel International® MV™ Series will be completely comfortable behind the wheel of the eMV. It’s the same spacious, well-organized cab but with a few key differences specific to the eMV. First and foremost is the all-new, completely glass instrument cluster. This bright, easy to read display makes all the most important information readily available to the driver including range, braking regeneration level, 12-volt status, Battery Thermal Management System temperature, electric motor temperature, the status of the air system, and much more.



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