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The personnel and vehicle of a utility company are the definition of essential thanks to their mission of providing the electrical power for our daily needs, digital infrastructure to stay connected, clean drinking water, and critical support when severe weather and national emergencies strike. These daily jobs require complex machinery that’s able to accommodate a wide variety of equipment from digger derricks to service bodies to tree care. And since we’re dealing with critical infrastructure, the durability and reliability of the equipment is paramount. That’s why utility companies have long relied on International Truck to provide the vehicles their crews need to get the job done. Plus, now HV, HX® and MV Series use the Diamond Logic® electrical system – making it easier for TEMs to integrate systems and upfits that help crew and equipment operate safely and efficiently.

International® HX® Series Updates


Built to endure, thrive and dominate any assignment, the International® HX® Series has always been the go-to truck for the toughest applications. With two distinct models to meet your needs, the extreme-duty cabs of the HX520 and the HX620 offer best-in-class interior space, which is designed to provide comfort and support mile after mile. Plus, TEM-friendly packaging now includes the industry-leading Diamond Logic® electrical system and lift axle options installed at the factory.


New advancements in manufacturing mean the cab of the new HX® Series is made of tough, durable, high strength steel. Offering virtually the same corrosion resistance as aluminum due to our unique manufacturing process but without a weight penalty, the steel cab allows for a larger, quieter interior with airtight, watertight seals.

International® HV™ Series Updates


Productivity often comes down to versatility. And there’s no more versatile foundation than the International® HV™ Series. With configurations ranging from 4x2 to 8x6, BBCs of either 107" or 113" and set-forward or set-back front axles, plus a clean Cab-to-Axle (CA) configuration — the HV™ Series has what you want for virtually every possible need.

The fewer driver distractions the better. That’s why we developed body control functions that can be activated directly from the steering wheel. Now drivers can control functions without taking their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. The first application to feature these controls is the snowplow.

• Allow drivers to keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel

• Improved ergonomics and chassis/body integration

• Steering wheel switches are now integrated into the electrical system via the body controller and with select options can be programmable via our industry leading Diamond Logic® electrical system.

International® MV™ SERIES UPDATES

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From built-in corrosion protection to available front frame extension, the International® MV Series is engineered just right to help you get the job done right. With virtually limitless upfit possibilities, no truck has as many demands placed on it as the MV Series, and no truck delivers on those demands so thoroughly and reliably.

2023 model changes:

• Redesigned chassis to make body integration simpler

• Redesigned hood with improved visibility

• New LED headlights (optional)

• Restyled bumper and grille with optional bug screen

• Improved maneuverability and collision mitigation

International® CV™ SERIES UPDATES

The International® CV™ Series is ready for serious work. In fact, it’s the only class 4/5 truck designed, distributed and supported by a manufacturer that specializes in commercial trucks. As such, it’s been widely adapted within the utility sector thanks to straight frame rails for easy upfitting, a wide range of wheelbase options, exceptional visibility, and excellent maneuverability. It also is available with PTO capability to run auxiliary equipment out in the field and includes a forward-tilting hood that allows for easy access to routine service points within the engine bay.


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