Getting the job done as efficiently as possible means getting it done without incident. That’s why International® Truck engineers are always testing, vetting, and developing new technologies that can help protect both equipment and crew.

Fewer incidents can also mean fewer accident-related costs. Plus, with many of the camera systems now available, if there is an incident, drivers who are not at fault may have video proof. These tools can go a long way toward the financial health and stability of any business – whether they’re an owner/operator or a large fleet.

As one of the most versatile trucks on the market, the International® MV™ Series can be found in almost every setting – from construction sites to regional deliveries. This broad range of uses means the MV™ Series must offer safety features that are just as flexible. Its excellent visibility and turning radius are great assets on the jobsite. But the MV Series also offers advanced technology that can enhance safety. Like all technology, these features evolve and improve over time.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest safety features now available on the MV Series.


The Bendix® Wingman® Advanced™ Safety Package uses radar and an optional video camera (Fusion™ package) to scan the forward path of the truck. If a slower-moving or stopped vehicle is detected, the system is designed to reduce the severity and likelihood of a collision through active braking and audible alerts. This integration of various technologies creates a highly detailed data picture that can significantly reduce the chance of a false alert or activation.
International Trucks MV Series
Wingman advanced logo
  • Provides the driver following distance alerts and, if necessary, will apply the brakes to help the driver potentially avoid the collision or help reduce its severity 
  • Provides adaptive cruise control with braking features along with collision mitigation technology and full-stability technology 
  • Includes Bendix® ESP® full-stability system, which can help your drivers mitigate roll-overs and loss-of-control situations 
  • Can provide data – like video – during a collision mitigation event
  • Wingman fusion logo

    In addition to the Bendix Wingman Advanced features, Bendix Wingman Fusion adds:

    • Stationary Vehicle Braking – This can automatically alert the driver and apply brakes if a large, stationary, in-lane object is identified by the system. 
    • Enhanced Collision Mitigation – This can potentially slow the truck much quicker than previous systems. 
    • Multi-lane Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) – Once a collision mitigation braking event begins and the driver steers into an adjacent lane to avoid the forward vehicle, the Wingman Fusion system’s multi-lane AEB feature may continue to apply the brakes and sound an alert if it detects a potential collision threat in the new lane of travel. 
    • Highway Departure Warning and Braking (HDW/HDB) – The HDW feature may potentially provide an audible alert if the system determines the vehicle has unintentionally left the roadway. If the highway departure situation that caused the HDW is not addressed, the Wingman Fusion system may potentially apply the brakes to assist in reducing vehicle speed. In some circumstances, the system may be capable of reducing the vehicle speed to a full stop. 
    • Lane Departure Warning – Above 37 mph, a “rumble strip” sound alerts the driver to an unintended lane departure. 
    • Overspeed Alert & Action – At speeds over 20 mph, the Wingman Fusion system can read speed limit signs and notify the driver and fleet of overspeed travel. 
    • Driver Display – Alerts are now visible within the gauge cluster (no more box on the dash) for a clean, integrated look. 
    • Bendix™ SafetyDirect® Capable – This feature captures data, then uses the telematics system to automatically transmit driver performance and event-based information – including video – to the SafetyDirect web portal for viewing in the back office.


    Changing lanes can be a challenge for any vehicle, let alone a commercial truck. The Bendix™ BlindSpotter® Radar System gives drivers an extra set of eyes on the road and can potentially reduce the chance of a sideswipe collision. The system provides a 150-degree range of coverage that’s capable of detecting objects up to 20 feet in front of, 20 feet behind and 10 feet out (essentially covering the entire adjacent lane) of the BlindSpotter radar. BlindSpotter minimizes false alerts by operating in two modes: highway speeds and lower speeds.
    Truck diagram
    International Truck camera
    This predictive AI camera system can help prevent collisions by using a dual-facing camera plus external sensors designed to detect distracted and drowsy driving. In-vehicle predictive AI accounts for complex, real-world conditions, including pedestrians, other drivers, vehicle speed, and more. The predictive AI automatically encourages safer driving behavior and can be set to only record collisions and high-risk events. This advanced, cloud-based feature can help drivers of the International® MV™ Series stay alert and can effectively coach and train drivers while maintaining driver privacy.


    Promoting and enhancing the safety of your equipment is essential to the health of your business – not to mention your drivers. These advanced safety features are designed to help your drivers stay productive, reduce stress and possibly reduce potential incidents. The MV Series is a valuable tool – and the best way to put it to work is by keeping it on the road without incident.


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