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Connected technology is advancing at a rapid pace in practically every sector of the economy. Adapting to technological advances, and leveraging them to operate more efficiently, is critical for a business to maintain competitive now and in the future. All businesses that use trucks – no matter the class – can benefit from unprecedented levels of data that can help them operate more efficiently. Let’s take a look at some of the ways businesses are taking advantage of the latest connected vehicle technologies.


The key benefits of OnCommand Connection Advanced Remote Diagnostics – greater uptime, improved TCO, and more efficient and productive operations – are easy to understand. The data-driven tools and insights from OCC provide owners and fleet managers with unprecedented levels of intel on the current and future status of their vehicles. This intel can be used for everything from explaining vehicle engine light issues in simple terms to improving the accuracy of when your vehicles are due for preventive maintenance service.

Here are some of the most popular uses of OnCommand Connection:

Vehicle Scans
  • Understand the severity of faults and how quickly a vehicle needs to be brought in for service.
  • Proactively identify and address minor vehicle health issues before the lead to costlier issues or roadside breakdowns.
  • Identify and repair vehicles in a fleet that have faulty lights or other issues before they result in FMCSA violations and fines.
  • Zero in on specific data points (types of faults, geographic range, etc.) within the date range you want. 

Detailed Vehicle Health Reports
  • Get detailed vehicle health reports for any truck in your fleet, including odometer, fuel economy, and complete history of fault codes that have been reported on the vehicle.

Vehicle Location and Mapping
  • Track vehicle location history, speeds within past routes, and more.
  • Identify resources surrounding each vehicle, including tire stores, service centers, all-makes dealerships, hotels, and more.

Over the Air Programming
  • OCC enables remote software calibration updates for all International and Cummins engines, enabling trucks to be kept up-to-date for peak performance at all times, without needing to visit a dealership. Updates can be made with the push of a button, whether it’s one truck or one thousand.
  • Owners can also choose to set programmable parameters remotely, including top speed, top cruise control speed, idle time shut-down, and more.


Truck operators of all sizes use a variety of fleet management software solutions within their operations, including ELD / HOS compliance, route management, maintenance tracking, and more. Traditionally, accessing these solutions has required the installation of additional telematics devices to enable these solutions. Now, International’s factory installed device is equipped to deliver data to leading fleet management providers, saving customers time and money by avoiding the installation of more hardware.


International 360 is built to increase transparency between dealers and truck owners during the service process and make the entire service experience faster and easier. The platform helps owners and fleet managers stay up to date on the progress of their service visit without ever making a phone call. This means less time on hold, and more time getting work done.

Popular International 360 features include: 
  • Up to date status on vehicles in service, including estimated time of completion
  • Seamless online communication between fleets and dealers
  • Online estimate reviews and approvals
  • Data-driven preventive maintenance alerts to keep vehicles healthy and efficient

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