There are few industries that have as much impact on our infrastructure as the concrete business. From the roads we drive on, to the buildings we live in, concrete is literally the foundation of modern life. That’s why International® Truck was thrilled to attend the World of Concrete. This important trade show offers a tremendous opportunity to meet with predominantly smaller, family-run concrete businesses. When we talk one-on-one with those whose livelihood depends on our trucks, we always receive valuable feedback and insights. Because as the concrete industry evolves over time, so must the equipment. The International® HX® Series is a perfect example of that. Now available with the International® S13 Integrated Powertrain, the HX Series is more capable than ever and offers proven durability that builders and doers depend on.

Let’s take a closer look at how the HX Series with the S13 Integrated Powertrain can help concrete mixer-operators get more out of every delivery.

Less Weight = More Payload

And more payload equals more profit. If you can carry more cement per trip, the fewer trips you will need to complete a project. Taking fewer trips means lower operating costs. Time, after all, is money. How does this relate to the HX Series? As Andy Hanson, Director of Marketing at International Truck, explains,

Andy Hanson / Director of Marketing / International Trucks


The life of a cement mixer truck is not easy. Crowded construction sites, loose materials, unpredictable weather and much more can take a toll on equipment and drivers. The last thing cement contractors have time for is unplanned maintenance. That’s why construction truck customers appreciate simplicity when it comes to their equipment. The less that can break, the better. And that’s where the S13 Integrated really shines. Thanks to its advanced dual stage aftertreatment system, the S13 Integrated Powertrain has neither an EGR cooler nor diesel oxidation catalyst. Both of these parts are regular (and costly) maintenance items on many other powertrains. And since 100% of the exhaust flow travels through the turbo due to the lack of an EGR cooler, a reliable fixed geometry turbo can be used as opposed to a more complicated (and potentially higher-maintenance) variable geometry turbo. Now, with the S13 Integrated, concrete customers are able to focus on their operations instead of maintaining a complex engine.

Quick TEM Turnaround

International Truck has worked hard to make sure truck equipment manufacturers (TEMs) have everything they need to be able to add equipment (like a concrete mixer drum) as quickly as possible so that the customer receives their revenue-making asset as soon as possible. Whether it’s the single frame rails, custom frame punching, or factory-installed lift axles (with wheels and tires), International Truck is committed to accelerating the upfit process so your concrete mixer truck can get on the road and start making money.


International Truck is thrilled by the cement industry response to the HX Series. As Andy states,

Andy Hanson / Director of Marketing / International Trucks

We look forward to returning to World of Concrete in 2025 as we continue to service the industry with new products, innovative technology and comprehensive vehicle solutions.

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