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USA Truck rewards its Driver of the Year with the ultimate prize: An International® LoneStar®



It’s been a long road for Roy Causey. But at 58, the Arkansas native finds himself hailed as USA Truck’s Driver of the Year, and the proud operator of a brand-new 2015 International LoneStar® with Cummins ISX15.

Causey, who now hangs his well-worn cowboy hat on a working farm in St. James, Mo., has rolled over 1.8 million miles of city streets and open highways without the hint of an accident. “It’s been an amazing ride,” says USA Truck’s king of the road, of his 18-year career. “This award means the world to me because it tells me that I’ve done my job right and this company appreciates me for it.”

Causey was one of several drivers honored by USA Truck for their impressive safety records at the President’s Pillar of Safety Celebration in Fort Smith, Ark. “Our driver events mean a lot to the folks who work at USA,” says the company’s CEO and president, John Simone. “These guys are the best of the best out there, and they deserve the recognition that they get here for all the good work that they do.

Causey talks about safety as the most important thing he’s carried with him on his long road to this award. “It’s always been the first thing on my list,” he says. “It’s our job to make sure everybody is safe out there.” Behind the wheel of the new LoneStar, he’s looking to keep his perfect record. “The quality is top notch,” he says. “The construction is the best there is. I know I can drive a million more accident-free miles in this truck.”

That’s an assessment that gets a nod of agreement from Simone. “As CEO, I get involved in the inspection of the equipment to make sure that they’re fuel efficient and comfortable for our drivers, and that they perform well,” he says. “Our drivers think International hits the mark and excels in all of those categories.”

And the folks at USA Truck’s dealer, Summit Truck Group, are pleased to work with such a safety-conscious crew. “As a partner it’s rewarding to watch their most outstanding drivers receive recognition for their performance,” says Justin Fink, Sr. VP at Summit.

The gleaming new vehicle also gives Causey added motivation to clock more miles to his logbook. “I don’t have any plans to pull over anytime soon,” he says. “Every day for me is special when I’m out on the road. This truck is gonna make them that much sweeter.”

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