S13 Integrated Dual Stage Aftertreatment System

The International® S13 Integrated Powertrain was designed to allow each individual component – engine, transmission and aftertreatment – to focus on doing what it does best. Eliminating the EGR cooler is a prime example. Instead of trying to control NOx emissions inside the cylinder, the engine operates with zero cooled EGR during regular operation, so it can focus on generating more power. Plus, no EGR during normal operations means 100% of the exhaust flow goes through the turbo allowing the use of a simple, more reliable fixed vane turbo charger.

But no EGR meant our engineers had to find another way to treat NOx. They accomplished this by developing a next-generation Dual Stage Aftertreatment design that injects a first dose of DEF just downstream of the turbo in the evaporator tube and a second dose inside the aftertreatment device.

And because much less soot (particulate matter) is generated, the engine does not need a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and drivers no longer need to stop and perform the inconvenient task of active regens. The Dual Stage Aftertreatment system provides a simple, reliable solution that’s easily serviceable.


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