2022 Technician of Influence


April 2022 Technician of Influence Winners

Navistar is pleased to announce the four winners of the Technician of Influence Award for the month of April. The individuals listed here have demonstrated their commitment to pursuing continuous improvement and delivering the highest level of customer service.


These tech professionals have less than 2 years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Nathan Norris, New Albany, IN | Trivista Companies



Nathan came from a local county school and since day one has been an enthusiastic and eager employee and technician at Trivista Companies. He is eager to learn, diagnose, and take in information which applies to Navistar vehicles. Nathan also has a great work ethic, and combined with his willingness and eagerness to work with the team and learn, he sure is a great asset to our dealership.

He is going the extra mile in training and is well on his way to getting diamond certified in his first year. He’s also willing to work extra and or do whatever he is asked to do. On a recent repair in the service shop on an Advantage transmission, he had to pull the transmission three times and communicate with Eaton. He figured out the issue and never complained once. When the Service Manager congratulated  him, Nathan said "whatever it takes to get it done right."

In the short time he’s been employed here, Nathan has proven to be responsible, trustworthy and, as mentioned before, willing to tackle any repair, task, or issue the shop needs resolved no complaints.  And if he is not sure what to do, he will ask and make sure the repair/task is done right.

Despite his newness to the dealership and the fact he’s still learning, Nathan has earned the efficiency bonus the last two months. He continues to do great job and is on a trajectory to be a top tier technician. Thanks Nathan!

JT Hojonski, St Clairsville, OH | Hill International



JT is presently attending Uptime Academy and has taken pride in representing Hill International.

When JT returns from the program, he is always willing to apply what he has learned and share his knowledge with the other technicians.

JT is training to become our newest Accelerated Service Technician and volunteers to stay after his shift anytime he hears that a customer is coming through the door after his shift ends. Recently, JT was clocked out and getting ready to leave as we were getting hit by a big ice storm. JT punched back in, went outside to the Service Drive area, and looked to see what he could do to help the customer keep his truck going down the road. JT was able to make a temporary repair so the driver could make it home. This is just one small example of what JT does daily to take care of our customers.


These tech professionals have two or more years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Trevor Slingerland, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada | Southland International Trucks Ltd.



Trevor is worthy of the nomination because of his 15 years of service Southland, starting from 2005 when he was only 16 years old. We realized quickly realized that his skill as a tech and a craftsman would make him a great asset to us and the International brand. Trevor started off as a RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) student at the bottom of the totem pole, breaking tires, detailing trucks, and doing anything else that was asked of him. Our dealer principal remembers this: "At a very young age he was given a sleeper to remove from a truck to convert to a day cab. He accomplished this with very little supervision, and it highlighted his high degree of craftsmanship." We knew then Trevor was a thoroughbred and needed to be challenged.  
He was moved into the tech position where he accelerated his learning, showing many competencies, and completing all his training including International, Cummins, Cat, Eaton, and more. Our management team pushed him further into a Diagnostic Advisor position where he flourished helping all our techs, taking of customer calls, and being instrumental in all new processes being developed throughout our service department.  

In addition to his tenure as a  testament of responsibility and trust, Trevor is one of our main go-to people whenever a concern with a customer, service, or process arises. Everyone at the dealership staff has Trevor's cell number, and he is often called upon after hours for advice.  

One specific example of Trevor's commitment to "uptime" happened just after we had just moved into our new building. The City of Lethbridge needed recalibrations on two new snowplow trucks, and by the time our service staff received a call from the concerned city manager, the two trucks had already been in our Accelerated Service bay, programmed, and put back into service. Trevor has been a consistent, reliable, trusted employee for many years and continues to be dedicated to making Southland the best that it can be!

Tony Guzman, Houston, TX | Kyrish Truck Centers



Tony Guzman has been with the Kyrish organization for the past 29 years. He started with the Kyrish family in 1993 as an entry level technician and worked his way up to a lead Diamond Certified technician and one of the most respected technicians in the Houston area. Tony has built a solid reputation with many of our customers who request him by name. He has gained the respect of all our technicians and will now lead them into the future. He was recently promoted as the new foreman at Kyrish Truck Centers of Houston. Many of our customers have Tony's personal phone number and call him for assistance. An example is one of our long-time customers had their foreman of nearly 40 years quit suddenly leaving the company in a bind. Tony went to their yard every Monday for a month to connect to their trucks and direct their helpers on what needs to be done to the fleet. He bridged the gap until the customer was able to replace their foreman. Another example just this week is a customer had some hood repairs completed at our body shop. The driver came to pick the unit up right at the end of the day. It was pouring down rain and the driver told our body shop manager his windshield wipers did not work. Tony was about to leave for the day but without hesitation said to bring the truck to the main shop. He stayed and got the wipers working for the customer. Tony performs at an elite level and does the job right the first time. Because of his reputation, he has earned the trust of the entire shop. Like everyone, we are short on experienced technicians. Moving recently Tony out of a bay and into a foreman's role was very difficult to do, but he understands the importance of uptime. He is helping make uptime work by getting the units triaged and to the right technician. We also have a handful of recent UTI graduates he is mentoring to hopefully become future Tony Guzman-type technicians.

As a very loyal technician of 29 years working with the same company, he has worked his way to being not only one of the most respected in the Kyrish organization, but in the greater Houston area. Competitors know who Tony Guzman is.


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