2023 Technicians of Influence

Navistar is pleased to announce the Technician of Influence Award winners. These individuals have demonstrated their commitment to pursuing continuous improvement and delivering the highest level of customer service.
Our Recipients

Adrian Nunez

Adrian’s relationship with customers is top-notch; he is willing to put in the time to help customers even at the end of the shift.

International Trucks Technician of Influence Winner

Erica Young

Erica Young is one of our most valued Apprentice Technicians at  Rush Truck Centres of Canada who shows the most desire for growth and excellence.

International Trucks Technician of Influence Winner

Jeremy Thomas

Jeremy is a very passionate and motivated Technician at Ascendance Trucks. He takes great pride in the work he does, as well as in taking the lead with up-and-coming techs.

International Trucks Technician of Influence Winner

Mark Van Niekerk

Mark is our #1 technician. He takes on the daily pressures of work and always has a positive attitude.

International Trucks Technician of Influence Winner

What We've Heard

To build our bench of successful technicians we need to learn from those with field experience. Here are a few things we've heard.

Americans Rely On The Trucking Industry

Become Part of our Future
Today, a technician is a highly trained, tech-savvy, well-paid professional with job security few professions can match. Many technicians work with laptops as much as they do with their hands.
America Needs You!
Our military is only as good as its equipment, and equipment is only as good as the people that maintain it! Looking to transition from military service to a career in the commercial trucking industry? Service Allies is the answer for you!
Uptime Academy
Want to be on the front line of electric and fuel cell vehicle technology? If so, International® Truck and IC Bus® Uptime Academy is exactly what you’re looking for.
 Launch Your Career
We have your back so you can keep moving forward. So no matter where you are located, you’re not far from one of our 700 + Dealer Locations

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