2022 Technician of Influence


September 2022 Technician of Influence Award Winners

Navistar is pleased to announce the four winners of the Technician of Influence Award for the month of September. The individuals listed here have demonstrated their commitment to pursuing continuous improvement and delivering the highest level of customer service.



These tech professionals have less than two years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Austin Riley, Las Cruces, TX | Border International



Austin Riley started on October 2021 and has quickly become one of the top three producers in his location. He quickly completed as much of the LMS as he could find, and he is progressing further with completing EV Classes to become one of the first EV-certified techs in my location. Austin is one of the first to clock in and the last to leave. He enjoys working directly with services advisors, the sales department, and the parts department to make sure our customers are taken care of in a quick and professional manner. He looks forward to becoming Diamond Certified in the next year. He has gone the extra mile to get his CDL to ensure he can drive customer vehicles safely to confirm complaints and proper repairs and be able to speak to the customers to make sure their concerns are heard and addressed correctly. He makes sure to point out any additional repairs he might suggest and welcomes our customers to speak with him further about any recommendations made. When he come across a new situation, he searches through iKNow articles and goes through the LMS to find training and answers to questions. If he does not know the answer, he knows how to find it. He strives to encourage all our techs, new and old, to bill hours efficiently and complete the repairs within the quoted book time, while making any recommended repairs that may be needed for their units.

Dustin Taylor, Montgomery, AL | Southland Transportation Group



Dustin was hired on in December of 2021 and he has quickly risen to one of the top technicians our shop has. During the past nine months, Dustin has shown his drive and ambition for this industry. You can tell he loves what he does. We can always count on Dustin to be at work on time. He continuously looks for ways to improve the overall repair process. Last month Dustin worked 176.84 hours and billed 169.64 — that's 97% of the time he was at work. That was billed at standard repair times. He responded to me that he would have like to have billed the additional 3% to get to 100%. He is just one of the most driven technicians I have had the pleasure to work with. He is just an all-around great employee.


These tech professionals have two or more years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Haston Hellum, Lowell, AR | Rush Truck Centers



Haston Hellum has  always been a valuable technician for our company. Recently our dealer saw a high demand for a dedicated triage technician. When I started quizzing our team, Haston was one of the first that stepped up and was willing to take on the task. He immediately took charge and helped me develop a process for triage. Last month he successfully triaged and updated our customers within two hours on 90% of all incoming ROs! 

 Haston has developed our trust in his ability to triage. He became so good at this process we have had him updating the customer directly. Can you imagine this from a customer’s perspective? They bring their unit into our shop and within two hours get quality, useful information from a trained technician. Here is just one example of a note Haston sent to a customer via email about an hour after they arrived at our dealership. “ Dear Daniel, I’m the RushCare Express Check Technician that performed Triage on your unit. I have performed a free 21-point inspection and initial triage based on your complaints. Here is what I’ve found so far: Stop engine light on= started case file with Cummins found intake boot to turbo was no on completely and causing leak in intake system. No Charge Inspection= A/C inop, multiple oil leaks, belt cracking. A Service Advisor will be contacting you soon to discuss a repair plan. Please “Reply All” to this email if you need any further information in the meantime. Thank you, we appreciate your business!” 

Haston is a great technician and leads by example. I'm proud of his accomplishments and enjoy working with him on a daily basis.

Mike Dunfee, Stony Ridge, OH | Selking International Trucks



Mike always goes above and beyond to find the root cause of the problem and has great passion in doing so and working with advanced electronics. Mike was working on a WorkStar which was from a local utility company. The company was extremely disappointed that their truck had already been to three other dealers and could not get fixed. The truck had an issue with the PTO logic. The customer would be operating the truck with the PTO and the truck would just shut down. Mike was working with tech support via the case file with no solution. Mike took his work home and developed a plan to run the PTO off of another circuit through the transmission ECM. Mike came in the next day and got to work. He rewired the system and changed the logic based on his idea and it worked flawlessly. The customer is still ecstatic that we were the ones to put his problem to rest once and for all.

Mike takes pride in keeping up with all of his International and Cummins training.  He is always up to date with any Navistar service information changes. Mike strides to get repairs completed as efficiently as possible. He is always looking for ways to increase his productivity and shares his ideas with his co-workers. Mike is an inspiration to the upcoming technicians and he always lends them a helping hand when needed. You can always bounce an idea off of Mike and then he will come back with more answers after really putting extra thought into it. 

Mike in his off time is a competitive shooter and avid boater. I have spent time with him on the range in various competitions and he is more than willing to help there as he is at work. He is just a passionate person that likes challenges. We are proud to have him in the team!


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