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August 2023 Technician of Influence Winners

Navistar is pleased to announce the four winners of the Technician of Influence Award for the month of August. The individuals listed here have demonstrated their commitment to pursuing continuous improvement and delivering the highest level of customer service.


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These tech professionals have less than two years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Jorge Escoto, Elkton, MD | Beltway Companies

International Truck technician


Jorge is always willing and able to step up and take on new challenges. He puts his nose to the grindstone every day to learn something new, whether that be through training or assisting a senior tech in order to absorb some knowledge. He has been part of Beltway Companies for about a year and has made leaps in his ability due to the hard work and dedication to his craft that he puts in.
Jorge takes great pride in keeping customers' vehicles clean and free of fingerprints, grease, and grime. I have caught him cleaning vehicles in areas where we did not work in case there is a leak that could be easily noticed later. He frequently goes and jumpstarts vehicles and helps customers in our lot. He is a crucial part of our team and the first person to offer his help to a fellow technician.

Jorge always tries to tackle a problem before asking for help. Even when he does ask for help, the solution he comes up with is the same one I would tell him to do. He thinks through problems and issues in a skilled and educated manner to come up with the best solution for our dealer and the customer.

Jorge does not have comebacks due to errors, only customers returning for additional services. He is always willing to stay late, come in early, or work a Saturday to get a customer up and going. When repairing for the first time, Jorge takes his time to learn all the ins and outs of the repair so that the next time he performs it, he can easily do it in less and less time. He consistently shows commitment and effort in improving his skills to turn trucks and buses around faster.

Dennis Yurkunas, Russellville, AR | Rush Truck Center

International Truck technician


Dennis came to Rush Truck Centers in January 2023 as an automotive mechanic ready to explore new career paths in the transportation industry. Eager to jump into the world of diesel mechanics, he said, "I want to learn more and have more training.” The shop was excited to see him so motivated, so we brought him on board. Dennis knocked out his training right away and started on the shop floor. He shadowed our foreman for 30 days and kickstarted his career here at Rush Truck Centers Russellville. Dennis has been with us for nearly a year and has completed numerous jobs ranging from a PM to an A26 Rod recall. He has become a very proficient employee. He is constantly asking for more jobs, training, and information to help him grow.

Dennis has stayed until midnight working on a customer’s truck to make sure they were back on the road the next day. He has worked weekends in order to do whatever it takes to ensure we meet the customer's timeline, which has included several administrative duties. Dennis hasn’t just wanted to learn the mechanics side of our business. A self-motivator, it is his goal to one day become a foreman. He constantly boosts the attitude and culture in our shop with his encouragement towards his peers and customers. Leading by example, Dennis is a proud face of the company. He loves to talk to the drivers to make sure he understands their concerns and builds trust with customers before doing repairs on their assets. He follows up with the drivers personally to explain his findings and how his repairs will fix their problem. In his first month with us, he only billed 12.66 hours. Just six short months later, he billed 350.63 hours for the month. Last month especially, Dennis was the highest-producing technician on our team.

At only 21 years old, Dennis has proven himself to be a hard-working employee with a good head on his shoulders. His focus is his career, and we hope to see him accomplish great things for Rush Truck Centers. He loves to fish, hang out with friends, and wrench on anything with an engine. We are proud of him and glad to have him as a part of our family here at RTC Russellville.


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These tech professionals have two or more years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Vanessa McAleEse, Kelowna, British Columbia | Dawson International Truck Centres

International Truck technician


Vanessa has spent 10 years as a commercial vehicle technician with Dawson International Truck Centres. She has worked in two locations and after the Penticton location closed, she decided to remain with us and move to our Kelowna location to continue with her International journey.

Vanessa is a great engine technician. We have customers who specifically ask for her to work on their vehicles because of the quality of work she puts out. Vanessa is so positive you rarely get to hear a complaint about anything; we have to force information from her on how to support her role and make work better. She cares and carries this over to her job quality.

Vanessa takes on the hard engine jobs and rebuilds. We have had customers who request her, and when we have a question about timing, she is consulted because she is a performer. Vanessa is one of the branch's top performers. She is great at diagnostics, and when we have a job that requires a tight timeline, Vanessa is the first to raise her hand to get the customer back on the road. Quality means a lot to her, and she is very connected to our customers' business — she cares, and it shows.

Vanessa is also a volunteer firefighter; she loves the communities she supports and does it with pride.

Daniel Carrillo, Fresno, CA | Gibbs Truck Centers

International Truck technician


Daniel is an outstanding technician at Gibbs Truck Centers who consistently exceeds expectations and sets the standard for excellence in his field. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and his technical abilities are second to none. Daniel's attention to detail and commitment to quality have made him our top-performing technician. He consistently receives high praise from both customers and colleagues, and he is a true asset to our team.

Daniel is an exceptional individual who has gone above and beyond to help and mentor his fellow peers. He consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic and a dedication to helping others succeed. His willingness to share his knowledge and experience with others has made a significant impact on the team, and he is a true asset to the organization.

Daniel is an exemplary employee who consistently demonstrates a high level of responsibility and trustworthiness. He takes ownership of his work and consistently delivers results, even under tight deadlines. Daniel's reliability and dependability have earned him the trust of his colleagues, supervisors, and clients. He is someone who can be relied upon to follow through on commitments and execute tasks to the best of his abilities. His attitude towards his work and colleagues are always professional and trustworthy. He truly embodies the characteristics of responsibility and trust, and he is a valuable member of our team.

Daniel has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance in his role over the past 12 months with efficiency and productivity. This is an outstanding achievement and a testament to his hard work and dedication. His ability to consistently deliver results at such a high level has made a significant impact on our team's success. Daniel's strong work ethic, attention to detail, and commitment to quality are an inspiration to his colleagues.


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