2024 Technician of Influence


February 2023 Technician of Influence Winners

Navistar is pleased to announce the four winners of the Technician of Influence Award for the month of February. The individuals listed here have demonstrated their commitment to pursuing continuous improvement and delivering the highest level of customer service.


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These tech professionals have less than two years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Jacob Silva, Fresno, CA | Gibbs Truck Centers



Jacob has been an outstanding addition to Gibbs Trucks Centers. Since joining us, he has proven to be a fast learner and a hard worker. Jacob quickly adapted to our company's processes and procedures and has been able to consistently deliver high-quality work. He has also shown great initiative and has taken on additional responsibilities beyond his job description. Jacob is a team player and is always willing to help his colleagues. His positive attitude and willingness to learn have made him a valuable asset to our team. Jacob has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication to his role. One notable example of this is his eagerness to take on the after-hours road service role. He has willingly taken on the additional responsibility and has been able to provide exceptional service to our customers during this critical time. His willingness to go above and beyond his regular duties has been greatly appreciated by the team and customers alike. His exceptional performance in this role and his positive attitude are a testament to his dedication to his work and his team.

Jacob is a highly responsible and trustworthy individual. He consistently meets deadlines and follows through on his commitments. He can be relied upon to always get things done. In addition, Jacob takes ownership of his actions and takes responsibility for his mistakes, showing a strong sense of accountability. An example of this is that Jacob has been willing to take on jobs he has not done before and has demonstrated he is capable of taking it on while maintaining efficiency. Jacob has also shown a willingness to stay late to complete work on a customer's vehicle and understands our uptime commitment. He consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic and can produce high-quality work promptly.

Furthermore, Jacob is always looking for ways to improve his performance and regularly suggests new ideas and methods to increase productivity. His presence in the workplace is invaluable, and his contributions have a significant impact on the company's success.

Hugo Hernandez, Longview, TX | Pliler International 



Hugo has been with Pliler International for almost two years and has quickly moved into one of our lead roles within our service team/technicians. He never shows up late and never questions or complains about any job that we give him. He stays late and even comes in on weekends if our workload becomes too much. Hugo is willing to help other technicians learn and grow in the industry. Furthermore, he acts as a shop foreman when the service manager or foreman is too busy to help the other techs. Even though he has less than two years of dealer experience, you would think he has been with us for 20 years plus. Hugo’s attention to detail is unmatched, and he is never afraid to let us know when he has made a mistake (which is very rare).

Whether he is doing a PM or an engine swing, nothing goes unnoticed. Customers request his work regularly. Even though we are a straight commission shop, he is never reluctant to stop his work and help other guys finish their jobs, knowing that he may lose time or money in the process. He has become a great mentor and teacher to all of our young technicians who strive to reach his level of excellence.

For any job big or small, we can always rely on Hugo to complete the job promptly while also making top-quality repairs. His work ethic and passion for his work are what we hope to see in every technician. He has become the go-to guy for any electrical diagnostics and engine diagnostics.

Hugo is a family man and served in the Marines for eight years, which only further proves his selfless actions for others. He is never hesitant to help other technicians with work outside of the dealership. He is well-rounded, well-spoken, and a leader to us all.


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These tech professionals have two or more years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Jerry Hughes, Lebanon, TN | Cumberland International



Jerry has been with Cumberland International since 2011. He continually develops his skills and grows his career. Jerry obtained his CDL shortly after coming to Cumberland. He has been Diamond Certified since 2013 and holds several Cummins certifications. Jerry is EVT certified and works on local emergency vehicles. He expands his knowledge of new and developing technology, which he then shares with our younger techs.

As one of our Mentors, he is helping establish the next generation of technicians, getting them up to speed regarding today's ever-changing technology. Jerry has taken our Mentorship Program to heart, and as a personal project, oversees the new technicians in our dealership, providing guidance and assistance as needed. He focuses on making sure the new technicians know the OEM diagnostic and repair procedures. He challenges young technicians to figure out problems on their own, while being available as a resource if they run into issues.

Jerry has taken on the role of Safety Coordinator for our shop. He ensures that we have a clean and safe work environment each day and speaks on safety topics in our weekly shop meeting. While Jerry is busy training new techs and making sure the shop is safe, he somehow finds time to perform repairs. Jerry is usually our highest-producing tech and has one of the highest efficiency levels in the shop — doing so with zero comebacks.

We are lucky to have him on the Cumberland Team!

Clayton Jensen, Taber, Alberta, Canada | Summit Motors LTD



Clay is an incredibly reliable employee who shows up to work on time every day and supports everyone on our team. Clay started with Summit Motors LTD in February of 2007 and completed his journeyman training in August of 2010. He has consistently grown with Summit Motors and stayed true to the company’s values from day one. Clay is a person we can lean on for help and count on to stay late. When I first started out as Service Manager, I got pushed hard by upper management and sales to have a full rig up on a new tri-drive completed in three days. I approached Clayton and we discussed what needed to be done along with our deadline. He reassured me it would be done on time, and came in early and stayed late to complete the job. From then on, he has always had my respect. If Clay is tasked with a complex wiring job or an overhaul, he will always come through with quality work that is completed on time.

Two aspects that cannot be taught are Clayton's punctuality and drive. He has demonstrated those traits from childhood on. Everyone at Summit Motors, including those outside the shop, gets along with Clay. His electrical troubleshooting is above top notch. We’ve had incidences when trucks come in after multiple shops or techs have already examined them without repairing the problem. Clayton will tackle the issues head on and will not give up until he finds the root of the problem.

Being a top producer should go hand in hand with cleanliness. Clayton always has a clean and tidy bay, which allows him to beat SRT times without comebacks. It doesn't matter if he is overhauling an Allison transmission or working on an A26 — Clay is always ahead.

Outside of work, Clayton is a rancher with his cow-calf operation and loves to spend time with his wife and son.


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