Starting with one truck in 1957, George Tackaberry has grown his aggregate company into a regional powerhouse. Today the G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company operates more than 100 trucks and over 50 pits and quarries throughout eastern Ontario, Canada.

Employees with truck

From building roads to delivering a load of gravel to a private residence, no job is too big or too small. To do these jobs, G. Tackaberry & Sons buys five to ten trucks a year from the same dealership George bought his first International® Truck from back in the early 1960s. In George’s world, a handshake is as ironclad as a legal document, which means when George finds a product or a business relationship that works, he stays the course.

In fact, G. Tackaberry & Sons, International Truck and Rush Truck Centres of Canada have developed such a close working relationship that it has become a true partnership. Each does their part to find solutions and provide the products, services and equipment needed to help George and his team be successful. As Rush Body Shop supervisor Jimmy Warren states, “International supports him, and he supports them and we’re all in this thing together. That’s one thing [George] is always telling you: we’re all in this together.” People are central to the Tackaberry family as explained by George’s son and Vice President, Kevin, “Another one of [George’s] quotes is, “business is only as good as it’s people…it’s the employees that make a company.”

Construction can be hard on the equipment and that means dealer support is crucial. George’s son and Fleet Manager, Charlie Tackaberry states, “I believe the International Truck dealership support is probably stronger than anyone in the industry.”

Kevin Tackaberry / Vice President / G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company

G. Tackaberry & Sons purchase a wide range of trucks for a wide range of uses. But the backbone of their business is severe duty. And that means the HX Series. Charlie Tackaberry states, “We’re just putting the new HX on the road this week. The HX from a vocational standpoint is a very tough, rugged truck. They set high. Their ground clearance is good. Maneuverability is good…. [International Truck] research and development is second to none….and now with the S13 coming out…we’ll learn more about that.”

When G. Tackaberry & Sons purchases new trucks, not all of the older trucks are traded in. Some enter George’s personal collection of over 100 of his favorite International vehicles from the past 60 years. This unofficial indoor/outdoor museum covers a vast array of models and eras and serves as a visual representation of a long and productive relationship.

Old photo of truck



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