2024 Technician of Influence


January 2024 Technician of Influence Winners

Navistar is pleased to announce the four winners of the Technician of Influence Award for the month of January. The individuals listed here have demonstrated their commitment to pursuing continuous improvement and delivering the highest level of customer service.


International Trucks Technician

These tech professionals have less than two years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Levi Moyer, Altoona, Pennsylvania | Allegheny Trucks

International Trucks Technician


Levi exhibits an exemplary work ethic and attitude at Allegheny Trucks. He is currently enrolled in our co-op program with the local vocational technology school, Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center (GACTC), and works full-time at the dealer. Levi is a hard worker, shows up early, and asks for training materials and resources to grow his knowledge as an up-and-coming tech. He always has a smile on his face and works great with his senior techs and leadership. There is no doubt that Levi will one day be a lead tech, mentoring the ambitious new hires of the day. 

Levi is not afraid to take on any task. He does the entry-level jobs as all new techs are required to do and begs to get the more complicated CEL and engine repair jobs. He is always honest if an issue should arise and doesn't try to hide his mistakes.

Levi's shift ends at 7 p.m. He has hustled to get customers' trucks completed for them to pick up in the morning. He also will stay late to see the job through and make sure the repairs are completed. Taking care of the customer is a priority for this young man. Levi is lucky to come from a good family who understands the value of hard work and putting your name on what you do. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Levi's father when Levi started with us, and it is clear where he gets these qualities from. We are grateful to have such a key player to work with here at Allegheny Trucks!

Mathieu Pagé, Laval, Québec | International Rive-Nord


Mathieu has been working at International Rive-Nord  for less than two years. His past professional experience and his extensive training in mechanics make him a valuable asset to the company. As part of his work, he regularly invests in the success of his training and remains constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in mechanics. His dedication, his high degree of professionalism, as well as his remarkable skills have significantly contributed to the success of our company.

Mathieu stands out above everyone for:

  • His exceptional knowledge and skills in mechanics. He is versatile in his job, able to master aspects of the engine and effectively engage in a variety of general work. He holds certifications for emerging technologies, including those related to eMV trucks.
  • His team spirit. Beyond his technical skills, Mathieu is always ready to lend a hand to his colleagues when they need help, even when he has a lot of work going on. Without knowing it, he contributes to the cohesion of the team with his collaborative approach and his good humor.
  • The quality of his work. Mathieu has a good ability to accurately diagnose and resolve complex mechanical problems. The quality of his work is exemplary, reflecting an exceptional level of expertise. Mathieu will not complete a task until he is satisfied with the result, and he is always committed to getting the work done well. And most importantly, he comes forward when he makes errors without us having to investigate.
In summary, we are lucky to have someone like Mathieu in our company who we can count on. There aren't enough words to describe how proud we are to have him on the team.


International Trucks Technician
These tech professionals have two or more years of experience at the dealership, have shown commitment to Uptime by being top producers, have gone the extra mile, and have proven they are responsible and trustworthy.

Missy Albin, Bedford, Massachusetts | Taylor and Lloyd Inc


Missy is one of the most compassionate, determined, motivated, and inspiring people I’ve ever been blessed with meeting. Not only has she been an amazing support person for me and other technicians, but she is always willing to help anyone. She is truly a role model among the female mechanics. Missy goes to great lengths to help anyone with any assistance they need, and even if she doesn’t know or have the answer, she points her colleagues in the direction of someone who can help. A month ago, I was working on an engine rebuild with one of my more experienced technicians and he gave me a task for after he left. I got stuck in the service portal trying to navigate and from many miles away, Missy was quick to jump right in and help me find what I was looking for. Before I decided to take a leap and put in an application for International, Missy saw what I was dealing with in my other shops, and she reached out and gave me support and hope. She has so much spirit, and I am so grateful to have met her when I did.

Based on her manager’s feedback, Missy takes each job to heart and even spends her own time researching and working on complex issues that arise in some of the jobs that they see at Taylor and Lloyd Inc. No matter what task it is, simple or big if Missy gets stuck, she isn’t afraid to pump the brakes and ask questions and continue to fix it. On top of that, they have witnessed how supportive Missy is of other female technicians in the industry. She truly cares.

To prove that female techs across the country get mentorship and support from her, Stepheni Trunk, Service Technician said “Everything about Missy is what being a technician is all about, in my eyes. She has inspired me every day to keep trying and never give up. She has encouraged me to do more of my training on my time off, to explore things I haven’t yet touched on the trucks, to ask questions even when I'm nervous, and to push when it comes to my education. She has taught me to absorb all the knowledge I can even if that just means watching. She is a truly inspiring force in our industry, and everyone should be proud of her for how much she loves what she does. It’s hard to find that nowadays.”

Missy is by far the most enthusiastic technician we have seen. Thanks, Missy, for all you do!

Dane Moffatt, Hamilton, Ontario | Altruck International Truck Centres


Dane is the prime example of what we at Altruck International Truck Centres strive for in every technician of ours here. Dane has been in the industry since 1991 and began his career at Altruck 17 years ago, he has evolved his tradecraft over the years, honing his skills to be at the highest of levels. He kept his personal goals set high and sets out to achieve this every day he comes to work, and he continues to do this every day he steps onto the shop floor. Dane is an extremely diligent and consistent technician; our younger techs have a great example to follow moving forward in their careers.

Dane goes the extra mile every day not because he has to but because he has programmed this into his daily routine. He has said, "It's part of my job. We don't just fix trucks, we are selling an experience for our customers, and I wouldn't expect anything different if I were in a shop.” 

Dane is always first to keep his training requirements up to date, and when asked to be away from his family to go to training courses, he is always willing to do so to assist in keeping dealership requirements in good standing.

Because Dane has been with us for 17 years, he is well versed in all aspects of our uptime standards, he is always well within his triage during his diagnostic procedures, and he is very thorough in his repair process. He takes each job as a challenge and succeeds in hitting those times at a very consistent rate. These are personal goals that he strives for in every job. It all comes down to one simple thing: PRIDE in workmanship, a quality that we know will rub off on all those he teaches moving forward. He sets the bar high for other techs to strive for!


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