Dealer | School Partnership

NESP Dealer Network
Enroll your local technical schools in this program to equip them with Navistar Service Essentials and drive well-trained techs to your dealership. There is NO COST to you or the school. (Dealers are prohibited from charging Technical Schools).

How to be a supportive partner?
  • Engage with your partner school by offering what they need to build a robust diesel curriculum to train your future technicians.
  • Build a strong relationship with your technical school by assisting them with program administration and supporting them with questions about Diagnostic Software, Technology platforms and the Learning Management System.
  • Collaborate with your technical school and Navistar to ensure training, technology and tools are optimized for the students and instructors.
  • Partner with your local schools by participating in the School Advisory Board, understand their needs and be present for them. This will help you create a pipeline of entry-level technicians.
  • Look for continuous improvement by maintaining open communication with instructors.
  • Introduce Dealership opportunities to students by offering tours of your facility.

To enroll your dealership visit the Tools Catalog

Dealer part number: NSEP-Dealer 

Bill Smiewec | Service Manager | West Michigan International