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Delivering the Goods Before you make a single delivery, our local delivery trucks have already made the rounds. Designed with our DriverFirst™ philosophy in mind, they come built with the driver’s needs in mind. Besides a cab that maximizes comfort, safety and drivability, our Diamond Logic® advanced electronic system brings new levels of brainpower, flexibility, and convenience. And so you can make the rounds without making a dent, we’ve included a collision mitigation system. Standard.

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— Juan Corcino, Fleet Manager, Manhattan Beer

Beverage Trucks

Safety in and around the truck

Grab rails, low profile tires, work lights, etc. Workers are unloading these trucks from either side of the truck, and need to stay visible and safe.

In-cab access and manual reset circuit breakers for ease of use. Diamond Logic is also a powerful tool for helping with pre-trip inspections.

Bright and light components

Aluminum components, like tanks, straps, and steps not only look good, which is important as these vehicles are rolling billboards and serve as mobile advertising. However, aluminum is also lightweight, which helps to maximize payload for these customers.

Weight and stability

Bottles filled with liquid are weight maximized to their container, meaning full bottles can get heavy. A fully loaded beverage truck can get heavy quick. Frame strength and reinforcements are important. When the truck is partially loaded, the handling of the truck can be effected, so good vehicle handling is important.


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